GA Media Coverage

Here is some of the great media coverage we received from General Assembly and the divestment resolution. Thanks to Jill Goddard, UUA Public Relations Director and her team for round this up!


General Assembly 2014 External Media Coverage

“20,000 tourists expected in RI this weekend,”


“Event attracts 20,000 to R.I.,” Providence Journal


The WaterFire Ignites Rhode Island Radio Program, AM 790


“First faith sponsored WaterFire set for Saturday,” WPRI


“Side of the Rhode: Who’s Hot and Who’s Not in RI Politics?”


“Thousands of Unitarian Universalists gather for General Assembly in Providence,” The Republic (AP story)–Unitarian-Universalist-Assembly
(Also picked up by The Daily Reporter)


“Unitarian Universalist conference goers join locals in fair-wage rally,” Providence Journal


“Unitarian Universalists bring their faith ‘over the edge’; decide to discuss Escalating Inequality for next four years,” Providence Journal


“Unitarian Universalists come out big in support for fair wages in Rhode Island,”


“Unitarian Universalists gather in Providence,” ABC6


“Unitarians take a ‘leap of faith’ (on a rope) at their convention,” Providence Journal


“WaterFire Providence Ignites Rhode Island,”


“Washington High graduate hopes to combine passion for social justice and faith,” San Jose Mercury News


Divestment of Fossil Fuels


“Entire Unitarian Church Votes To Divest From Fossil Fuels,” MintPress News


“At Unitarian Universalist assembly, a vote to divest from fossil fuels,” Providence Journal


“The Unitarian Universalist Association Joins Fossil Fuel Divestment Movement,” eNews Park Forest


“The UU’s Get it Right,” The Clean Yield


“Unitarian Universalists Divest From Fossil Fuels!” Eden Keeper


“Unitarian Universalists divest from fossil fuels,” Fairfield Citizen (AP story)


“Unitarians Go Fossil Fuel Free With Divestment Resolution,” EcoWatch


Sunday Session’s: Order of Business & Supporting Docs

Session VII 8:00-10:30

Session VIII 1:30-3:30

  • Call to Order
  • Debate and Vote on Proposed Amendments to C-10.6 and C-10.7 Regarding Provisions Concerning Investments
  • Debate and Vote on Proposed Amendments to C-3.6 to Enable Regions
  • Responsive Resolutions (if any)
  • Singing
  • General Assembly (GA) Talk: Follow Up: Gathering for Purpose and Straw Poll (Moved to Session VII)
  • Invitation to GA 2015 in Portland
  • Right Relations Team Final Report
  • Final Credentials Report
  • Adjournment

Mini Assembly Recordings

Mini-Assembly on Proposed Actions of Immediate Witness

Business Mini-Assembly on Proposed Bylaw Amendments

Business Mini-Assembly on Proposed Business Resolution


*Please note that these are large audio files and may take a few minutes to load.

LiveStreamed Waterfire Event

The video team will be trying to livestream WaterFire tonight. Tune into the Roaming Channel in the Virtual Hall shortly after the evening worship to view. (Third button under the livestream pane.

Technical Issues during Session VI

As many of you witnessed we experienced a variety of technical issues and failures. Please note we are working diligently to solve the issues we are responsible for. The chat room (ChatRoll) and teleconference (MaestroConference) both had service interruptions and there was nothing we could do but wait for them to come back online.

When the chat goes down, know that you can still speak with each other and to the tech team using the backup chatroom on a service called HipChat. Additionally an email to will help alert us to an issue.

The livestream video serves as backup to the teleconference call. If the phone goes down, please switch to using the live stream. While the audio may not be in-sync you will still be able to follow along with the service.

If there are service disruptions we’ll make sure we give you plenty of time to respond to any votes that take place during the disruption. Know that this service is separate and just because one is down, it doesn’t mean the others are down. We’ve intentionally designed redundancy and backup systems as we know all to well that things break.

Let us know if you have any concerns or questions, but know that we have your back and are doing everything we can to make your off-site experience as great as possible.

Larry Stritof, Off-site Delegate Program Manager


Session VI Agenda and Speakers

Item Presenter
Call to Order Jim Key
Debate and Vote on Business Resolution Jim Key
Collection for SSL Fifth Anniversary Jennifer Toth
Singing David Glasgow
GA Talk – Living our Witness @WaterFire Alex Kapitan
Angus McLean Award Jessica York
GA Talk – Humanist and Theist in Conversation Meg Riley
UUWF Report Kirstie Lewis
Announcements Susan Ritchie
Recess Jim Key